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"Summa Perfectionis" by Geber. Collected and Digested by William Salmon 1644-1713, Professor of Physick. A RAMS 1977 production. 180 pages. (SUMMAPERFECTIONIS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Chapter XXXVII. An Introduction into the Whole Work. p.1
Chapter XXXVIII. Of the Alchymie of Sulphur. p.7
Chapter XXXIX. Of the Alchymie of Arsenick. p.11
Chapter XL. Of the Alchymie of the Marchasite. p.14
Chapter XLI. of the Alchymie of Magnesia, Tutia, and other minerals. p.18
Chapter XLII. Of the Alchymie of Saturn. p.22
Chapter XLIII. The Alchymie of Jupiter. p.31
Chapter XLIV. Of the Alchemy of Mars. p.40
Chapter XLV. Of the Alchymie of Venus. p.47
Chapter XLVI. Of the Alchymie of Luna. p.61
Chapter XLVII. Of the Alchimie of Sol. p.71
Chapter XLVIII. Of the Alchymie of mercury. p.78
Chapter XLIX. The Introduction to this Second Book. p.97
Chapter L. Of Sublimation, Vessles, Furnaces. p.100
Chapter LI. Of Descension, and the Way of Purifying by Pastils. p.112
Chapter LII. Of Distillation, Causes, Kinds, and Fornaces. p.115
Chapter LIII. Of Calcination of Bodies and Spirits, with their Causes & Methods. p.120
Chapter LIV. Of Solution and its Cause. p.129
Chapter LV. Of Coagulation and its Causes. p.134
Chapter LVI. Of Fixation and its Causes. p.136
Chapter LVII. Of Ceration and its Cause. p.139
Chapter LVIII. That our Medicine is Two-fold, One for the White & One for the Red,
yet that we have One only medicine for both, which is most Perfect. p.141
Chapter LIX. Of the Medicine, Tincture, Elixir or Stone of the Philosophers, in general. p.145
Chapter LX. Of the Three Orders of the Medicine. p.151
Chapter LXI. How Ingression is procured. p.156
Chapter LXII. Of the Cineritium. p.158
Chapter LXIII. Of Cemenation and its Causes. p.163
Chapter LXIV. The Examen by Ignition. p.167
Chapter LXV. The Examen by Fusion or Melting. p.169
Chapter LXVI. The Examen by Vapors of Acute Things. p.171
Chapter LXVII. The Examen by Extinction of Bodies Red Fire-hot. p.173
Chapter LXVIII. A Recapitulation of the Whole Art. p.175

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