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"Three Tracts"
R.A.M.S. 1982. 35 pages. (THREETRACTS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Of Nature and Art (1730), A thankful offering of an Enlightened Writer of the Hermetic A.B.C. of a well disposed Christian Hermetic Scholar. Written in the Month of November 1730. I.C.H. p.1
"Liber Trium Verborum" of King Calid (
Khalid ibn Jazid), the son of Sazichi (MS. Sloane 3506. no.14 pp.85-87 - in English - 17th Century. pp.114) p.18
Of the Quality of ye Philosophical Stone. p.18
Of the property of the Stone. p.18
Of the Occult Calidity and Siccity exerting in Humidity and frigidity. p.19
Of the Conversion of the Spirit into a Body and the Body into a Spirit. p.19
Of the Planets and their Images, and of the Operations existing in Mercury. p.20
Of the Observation of the Planets in the Work of Alchemy. p.21
The Exposition of the Three Words. p.22
Of the Gradus of Fire. p.22

The Philosophical Cannons of Paracelsus (B. M. Sloane 3506 no.4, pp.37-41) p.24


Notes on R.A.M.S. text:
How these three tracts came to be combined is presently a mystery. Released in 1982 at the height of the original R.A.M.S. activity the text shares the same publication year with "18 Short Tracts" and "Diverse Alchemical Tracts" (containing five texts). Both of these other texts are collected works. "Liber Trium Verborum" and "The Philosophical Cannon" are from Sloane 3506, however the source of "Of Nature and Art (1730)" remains unknown. "Liber Trium Verborum" also appears in Vol.5 of Theatrum Chemicum.

The Of Nature title is not found in the Sloane collection. The title page of nature mentions Hermetic ABC. This ABC text was first printed in 1779 (again anonymous) so could not possibly preceed the present text, unless if it is a misprint of the date and could possibly be corrected to 1780. ICH is yet to be identified, yet I.C.H. is attributed to in Des Hermes Trismegists wahrer alter Naturweg. Herausgegeben von einem achen Freymaurer, Leipzig, 1782 ('The True way of Nature by Hermes Trismegistus'?) . On the title page ICH is associated with "Einem ächten Freimäurer (a genuiine Freemason)", which has lead some readers to believe that I.C.H. may be interpreted as 'Jachin'. Some researchers go further to attribute I.C.H. as the author of "Compass of the Wise", Metmia Vere. As this text was printed in Leipzig, 1779, by C.U. Ringmacher, who printed "Hermetische ABC". Some have translated the text to "Von der Nature und Kunst", with little success in locating the original. Bate, John, The Mysteryes of Nature and Art (London, 1634) a work in four parts incorporating fireworks is an unlikely candidate.

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