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"The Transmutation of Base Metals Into Gold and Silver" David Beuther. Guardian of the Mint at Dresden and Expert in the Practice of Alchemy for the Elector Augustus of Saxony (1575 – 1582) Universal and Detailed Account, in which: The transmutation of base metals into gold and silver will be explained clearly and precisely, along with an Appendix containing unique alchemical copper-plate prints which reveal the Art from beginning to end and a Preface which documents Beuther’s training and publications, along with those of Dr Johannes Christopher Spregels of the Academy of Hygienic Treatment and Medicine of Hamberg Printed by Samuel Heyl of St Johns Church, Hamburg, 1718. R.A.M.S., 1987. 95 pages. (TRANSMUTATION: .doc, .pdf)+
Table of Contents:
Preface by Dr Sprogel. p.2
Special Arrangement Pertaining to Alchemical Copper. p.11
David Beuther’s Philosophical and Chemical Writings. p.19
David Beuther’s Appendix to the Exalted Art of Alchemy. p.27
David Beuther’s Philosophical and Chemical Writings. p.34
Philosophical Work. p.40
Resume of the Theory and Practice of the Whole Tincturing Process. p.47
Increase in Mercury. p.50
Solution, Putrefaction, and Mortification. p.50
How the Black Earth is Made White and the Dead Body is Raised Up From the Dead. p.50
The Partitioning of the Stones as the Third Phase of the Work. p.51
What the Ferment Should Be. p.51
Careful Markings of Merit. p.51
The Stone to Use for This. p.51
How the Red Tincture Should be Employed. p.52
Exhortation to the Gracious Elector. p.53
First Miracle of Our Mercury. p.54
Second Miracle of Our Transmutation of Mercury (Copper into Silver). p.56
Third Miracle of Our Transmutation of Mercury (Mercury into Silver). p.56
Other Universal Work and Short Summary of the Lapidis Benedicti. p.57
David Beuther’s Vitriol Process. p.58
Ammoniacal Process Carried Out by Beuther and Colleagues at the Royal Laboratory. p.59
Preparation of Sulfur. p.59
Beuther’s Further Communication on Antimony. p.60
The Preparation of the Chalk. p.63
The Preparation of the Sulfur. p.63
Beuther’s Process from Copper Pyrites. p.64
Another Process from Copper Pyrites as Described in Old Notes Which Beuther has Fortunately Located. p.66
Beuther’s Jupiter Process. p.67
First Supplement or Appendix. p.69
The Philosophers’ Stone. p.69
Preparation of Fixed Luna and Sol. p.69
Extraction of Philosophers’ Mercury. p.70
Clarification of Mercury. p.70
Rubification. p.73
Multiplication. p.74
Production of Ruby-Red Water. p.74
Other Work Done During a 12-Month Period on 100 Significant Tests, Whose Projection is Infinite. p.75
Nutritional Material. p.75
Calcination of the Soil. p.76
Coagulation. p.77
Conjunction of the Fixing Operations. p.78
Multiplication. p.79
I.N.J. Thesaurus of the World. p.79
The Oven is also Prepared. p.82
Preparation of Salt of the Earth or Saltpeter of the Philosophers from Virgin Soil. p.82
Preparation of the Universal Spirit and Volatile Salt; Sal Ammoniac and Salt of the Earth. p.83
Composition of the Triune Principle. p.84
Subsequent Work and Composition. p.85
The Composition of Precious Stones with Their Own Liquids. p.85
Second Supplement or Appendix.
Clarification --- A Very Useful Illustration. p.87
Mystery of Mysteries. p.91
The Testing of This Salt. p.92
Now For Particular Effects. p.92
Now to the Principal Work. p.92

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