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"Treatise on Gold" by Joannes Agricolae"Treatise on Gold" by Joannes Agricolae, MD. Commentaries, Notes and Observations regarding the Chymical Medicine of Johannes Poppius.
Leipzig, Publ. by Thomas Schurer's heir and Matthias Gotzen.
Printed by Gregorius Ritzscgen in the year 1638.
Translated from the original by Leone Muller.
RAMS, 1988
134 pages.

Table of Contents:
To His Serene Highness Highborn Prince And Lord. p.2
To The Kind Reader. p.7
Table of Contents. p.15.
Chapter 1. p.20
How to extract the GoId's Virtue and to prepare a wholesome Medicine. p.20
Note. p.20
Chapter 2. p.28
Gold Oil. p.28
Chapter 1 [3]. p.57
Oil of Gold. p.57
Prepared in the Common Way. p.57
Note. p.57
On the Essence of the Sun & The Arcanum of Suplhur of Gold. p.64
Note. p.65
Chapter 4. p.74
Another Process for the Preparation of Oil of Gold. p.74
Note. p.74
Another way of making Oil of Gold. p.79
The Arcanum of the Salt of Tartar. p.79
Note. p.80
Chapter 5. p.86
How to Prepare the Quintessence of Gold. p.86
Note. p.87
Chapter 6. p.102
A Common Way of Making Potable Gold. p.102
Note. p.102
Chapter 7. p.105
How the Purging Gold is to be prepared. p.105
Note. p.105
Chapter 8. p.110
How to Prepare Disphoretic Gold. p.110
Note. p.110
Chapter 9. p.122
How to Prepare a Mercurium Vivum fro Gold and Other Metals. p.122
Another Way. p.122
Note. p.123
Chapter 10. p.129
How to Prepare Vitriol from Gold. p.129
Another Method. p.129
Note. p.129

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