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"Writings of Urbigerus" Baron Urbigerus"Writings of Urbigerus" Baron Urbigerus. London 1690.
R.A.M.S. 1982.
302 pages.
(URBIGERUS: .doc, 01-09.pdf)

The First Part: 57 pages (01first.pdf)
One hundred reliable rules or brief aphorisms for preparing, in three ways, the great ELIXIR PHILOSOPHORUM (being the Circulatum Majore). Annotated with explications by Dr. Sigismond Bacstrom.
Table of Contents. p.3
Forward. p.10
Dedication. p.12
The First Part. p.13
Addendum. p.52
An Epilogue. p.56
The Second Part: 27 pages (02second.pdf)
The Circulatum Minore. p.1
Preface to Circulatum Minus. (An Analysis by Prof. Manfred Junius, Ph'd). p.2
The Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus. p.3
References. p.27
The Third Part: 85 pages (03third.pdf)
One hundred thirty eight aphorisms through which the mystery of the Hermetic Philosophy and the Secrets of Art and Nature are plainly described. p.1
Preface. p.2
Secrets of the Stone of the Wise. p.29
To the Lovers of the Hermetic Philosophy: Greetings! p.78
Of the Times of the Stone. p.83
The Twelve Signs in the Day. p.85
The Twelve Signs in the Year. p.85
The Forth Part: 21 pages (04fourth.pdf)
SPECIAL CHYMICAL SCRIPTURES. Shows how to prepare, philosophically, the Medicina Universalis, with which to cure all metals and ills. p.1
To the Reader. H.W.N. p.3
Chapter I. Of the Creation of the Great and the Small Worlds. p.5
Chapter II. Of the Prime Matter of the Philosophers, the Metals, the Minerals, and their Origins. p.7
Chapter III. Of the Preparation of our Philosophical Prime Matter. p.12
Chapter IV. Of the Determination and Manipulation of our Prime Philosophical Matter for the Universal Medicine. p.14
Chapter V. Of the Use of our Universal Medicine for making all Metals Potable: and their Special Virtues. p.18
The Fifth Part: 30 pages (05fifth.pdf)
A brief outline of the whole Philosophico Particulari Demonstrativa; which shows various ways of improving every metal via particularia. p.1
Chapter I. Treats of a Special Method and Possibility of Transforming Silver into Gold. p.2
First Method. p.3
Second Method. p.4
Third Method. p.6
Chapter II. How and In what way Copper can be refined into Silver or Gold. p.8
Chapter III. How Iron can be refined into Silver or Gold. p.10
Chapter IV. Tin can be refined into Silver that contains much Gold. p.13
First Method. p.13
Second Method. p.14
Third Method. p.16
Chapter V. How to convert Lead into Silver which contains much Gold. p.19
First Method. p.19
Second Method. p.21
Third Method. p.22
Chapter VI. How Quicksilver can be refined into Gold or Silver. p.25
First Method. p.25
Second Method. p.27
The Sixth Part: 20 pages (06sixth.pdf)
About the virtues/qualities and properties of Antimony and how to prepare from it Aurum Potabile by the dry and humid methods. p.1
On Antimony.
Chapter I. Of the Properties and Virtues of Antimony prepared without the Addition of any Foreign Substances. p.2
Chapter II. About the Qualities, Properties and Virtues of the [Antimony], when set into motion by an agent or an addition. p.7
Chapter III. The Method of Obtaining the [Sol] Potabile by the Humid Way. p.12
Chapter IV. The Method for Preparing the [Sol] Potabile [Antimony] ie by the Dry Way. p.17
The Seventh Part: 22 pages. (07seven.pdf)
List of Many Secrets which will be of great use to those who have made Medicine & Surgery their profession. p.1
Chapter I. Of the Panacea made from Gold. p.2
First Method. p.3
Second Method. How to make a gold panacea by means of common oil of sulphur, philosophically prepared. p.5
Third Method. How to make a gold panacea with the Sal Mirabili. p.6
Fourth Method. How to make a gold panacea by means of the Regulus of Antimony and the Universal Spirit. p.6
Fifth Method. How to make a gold panacea with the help of Vitriol Nitrate oil. p.7
Sixth Method. How to make a gold panacea by means of a menstruum which volatizes it. p.9
Chapter II. How to make a Silver Panacea by means of [Antimony] and the [Merucry] of Cinnabar. p.10
First method. p.10
Second Method. How to make a silver panacea by means of the pumice stone. p.11
Third Method. How to make a silver panacea from [Mercury] [Luna]nae. p.12
Chapter III. How to make a Panacea [mercury] which has been turned into water by [Sol] and [Sol]pigment. p.12
First Method. p.12
Second Method. How to make a panacea from animated and spiritualized [Mercury]. p.13
Third Method. How to make a panacea from [Mercury] sublimate without any alloy. p.14
Chapter IV. A sure method of preparing plants in the Philosophical and Natural Way. p.15
Chapter V. The method of curing gangrene, ulcers and various types of wounds. p.17
Chapter VI. A sure method of curing the pains and contractures of the nerves. p.20
The Eighth Part: 24 pages. (08eight.pdf)
An Epistle by Antonio Abbatia, the High Priest of the transmutation of metals. p.1
The Ninth Part: 16 pages. (09ninth.pdf)
Writings of Tricinensis. p.1
Enigma VII. p.2
Of the Prime Matter of the Philosopher's Stone. p.7
Process of Johann Tetzen. p.13

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