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"The Writings of Johan Isaaci Hollandus. The Stone of Urine." Translated from German. R.A.M.S. 1980. 82 pages. (URINESTONE: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
How to Extract All Tinctures thereby. p.164
How one can extract any tincture they wish with this water. p.166
The First Work of the Ancients. p.168
Proceeding Further with Our Work. p.169
Another Method which is Easier. p.173
The Stone of Urine. A Good and Sincere Work of Isaac Hollandus. p.178
Sublimatio Mercurii, When One wants to Dissolve it. p.190
A Water with which to Congeal Mercurius and Make Him Perfect. p.190
Another Coagulation of Mercurius. p.191
The Philosophers' Pot. p.193
Two Jars. p.195
An Amalgamate. p.195
Another Work. p.196
Tincture from Saturn. p.197
Tincture from Venus. p.198
Another Way. p.198
Still Another. p.199
Tinctura Martis. p.199
Tincture of Soul. p.200
Tincture from Antimonium. p.201
A Philosophers' Stone. p.202
How to Make Venus Fixed. p.202
Mercury Changes All Metallic Corpora into Silver
with Arsenicum and into Gold with Sulphur. p.203
How to Chew the Corpora to an Amalgama with Mercury, that is,
to give to Mercury All Corpora to Eat, except Mars. p.203
The Philosophic Furnace, called Athanor, or the Warm Stupha of the Philosophers. p.204
It Now follows How One is to Make or Use the Furnace. p.206
Operatio Tartai, or the Work of Tartar. p.208
Sol and Mercury. p.212
How to Make Sal Urinae. p.214
Now follow some Annotations Concerning Variuos Termini Used in the Preparations. p.217
Here follow Further Tractates of Isaac Hollandus. p.219
Now Hear My Sons, The Great Secretum. p.223
Now I Will Teach How You can Make The Stone from Bad Water as well as How to make the Olea of Metals,
Which can be Done with little Work and without Separation of the Elements and to Bring them
to such a Perfection as is certain and Good. p.227
The Other Works of the Ancient Philosophers.
Some Olea Ex Aquis Fortibus & Metallis. Oil from with Brandy (or: Whisky). p.230
Another Kind of Oil made from AF and Luna. p.231
The precious Oil to the Red. p.232
The Salts of the Metals. p.234
Oils from Metals. p.238

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