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Frier Roger Bacon, Of the medicine or tincture of antimony; Mr. John Isaac Holland, Work of Saturn; & Of the Secrets of Antimony, Alexander Van Suchten. Translated out of high Dutch by Daniel Cable. London, Printed, and are to be Sold by Moses Pitt at the White Hart in Little Britain, 1670. 37 pages. Originally printed in addition to “Of Natural and Supernatural Things” by Basil Valentine and Alex. Van Suchten, (CABLE: .doc, .pdf) E
Table of Contents:
Of the Medicine or Tincture of Antimony,
as well to preserve Mans Body in Health, and to divert all desperate and incurable Diseases, as also to cure the Leprosie of Metals, to purifie and to transmute them into the best Gold. Written by that Noble and Learned Philosopher, Roger Bacon. p.2
Now we come to the Manual Operation. p.3 The Water wherein we dissolve is thus made. p.4
In the Gout. p.8
In the Leprosie. p.8
In the Apoplexie. p.9
In the Dropsie. p.9
In the Falling Sickness, and its kinds, as Epilepsie, Catalepsie, and Analepsie. p.9
In a Hectick. p.9
In Agues. p.9
In the Plague. p.9
For a prolongation of a healthful Life. p.10
Its Multiplication. p.11
A Work of Saturn,
of Mr. John Isaac Hollandus.
The PREFACE. p.13
The second way of preparing the Water of Paradise. p.23
The Oyl was unknown to the Ancients, for my Grandfather with his Companions found it with great labour and length of time. p.25
The Multiplication of the Stone now perfected. p.27
Projection upon Metal. p.31
Its Use in External Diseases.
Of the Secrets of Antimony.
1670. London, and are to be sold by Moses Pitt at the White Hart in Little Britian. Translated from High-Dutch by Doctor Daniel Cable.
The Preface. Of the causes of this Treatise. Concerning what matter he is about to write; and for whose sake. p.1.
Chapter 1. What [Antimony] is which is dug out of the Mines, and sold in the Shops; and that [Mercury] Philosophor may be made out of it. p.2.
Chapter II. Of the Venom of the Physical [Mercury], his heat and [Sulphur], and of the Glass of [Antimony]. p.2.
Chapter III. Why be delivered nothing more of the [Mercury] Physical; wherefore the Chymists are frustrated of their hope: Of the diverse Names of this Magistery: Of the Instrument of Physician; and true digestion of the Physical Mercury, and Stella Signata. p. 4
Chapter IV. Of the Form of Luna de Auro potabili, or [Sulphur] of the Philsophers, Of the twofold Life of Man, and its Nourishment, and how out of Luna the Physician makes Sol Philosophor. p.6.
Chapter V. What besides a Physician ought to know before he uses the Gold of the Physician or [Sulphur] Philosophor. p.8.

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