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"A System of Causasian Yoga" by Count Stefan C. Walewski."A System of Causasian Yoga" by Count Stefan C. Walewski.
New and Revised Edition.
(The Falcon's Wing Press, Indian Hills, Colorado, 1955. 1st ed.)
R.A.M.S. 1990.
82 pages.
[CAUCASIAN: _original.PDF]

Table of Contents:
Notes on this Edition. p.2
Key to Mastery p.4
Index p.5
1. Introduction. p.17
2. Master Arcanes. p.20
3. 1st Master Arcane. p.21
4. 2nd Master Arcane. p.23
5. 3rd Master Arcane. p.25
6. 4th master Arcane. p.26
7. 5th Master Arcane. p.28
8. 6th Master Arcane. p.29
9. 7th master Arcane: Weather Control. p.31
10. Summary of 7 Master Arcanes. p.32
11. General Compendium. p.34
12. Lesser and Greater Arcanes. p.42
13. 1st Lesser Arcane: Doctrine of the Heart. p.42
14. 2nd Greater Arcane: Creation Exercise. p.43
15. 3rd Greater Arcane: Projecting Power. p.44
16. 4th Lesser Arcane: Exciting (Increasing) the Life Energy. p.46
17. 5th Lesser Arcane: Healing Power. p.46
18. 6th Lesser Arcane: Soundless Sound (AUM). p.47
19. 7th Greater Arcane: Concentration. p.48
20. 8th Greater Arcane: Dream Consciousness. p.53
21. 9th Lesser Arcane: Recharging Energy in the Nervous System. p.55
22. 10th Lesser Arcane: Kechara Mudra. p.57
23. 11th Lesser Arcane: Mullha Mudra. p.58
24. 12th Greater S. (?) Arcane: Face and Head Rejuvenating Exercise. p.60
25. 13th Lesser Arcane: Rejuvenation and Longevity Increase. p.69
26. 14th Lesser Arcane: Demand/Command. p.73
27. 15th Lesser Arcane: Establishing a mental connection with a person present or absent. p.75
28. 16th Lesser Arcane: Birth control, conception and predestination. p.77
29. Illumination. p.78
30. Magical Projection. p.80

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