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“Compass of the Wise.” Described by A Member of the Inner Constitution of the Genuiune and True Freemasonry. Published with Annotations, A dedication and Introduction in which the history of this illustrious Order, from the beginning of its establishment, is clearly reported, and the errors of some degenerated French Freemasonic Lodges are exposed, by Metmia Vere. Berlin and Leipzig. By Christian Ulrich Ringmacher. 1779. Translation from the German by Leone Muller. First Edition, 1990. RAMS 1990. 215 pages. [COMPASS: .pdf, .jpg]
Table of Contents:

Dedication. p.-2
Alchemical Symbols used in Compass of the Wise. p.-3
Table of Contents.
p. -4 Preface Introduction. p.1
(Footnotes) p.2
Part I, The Vessel. p.9
(Footnotes) p.14
Part II-1, The Materia. p.19
(Footnotes) p.22
Part II-2, Its Dissolution. p.33
(Footnotes) p.37
Part II-3, The Lead of the Wise. p.59
(Footnotes) p.64
Part II-4, Sulfur and Salt. p. 96
(Footnotes) p.103
Part III-1, The Wet Fire. p.111
(Footnotes) p.117
Part III-2, The Artificial Fire. p.127
(Footnotes) p.134
Part III- Last Section, A Repetition. p.141
(Footnotes) p.149
Epilogue. p.155
Note: Folder contains three .jpg images of illustrations from the 1782 Edition.

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