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"Correct Usage" An old german alchemical manuscript containing various 'recipes'. An old german alchemical manuscript containing various 'recipes'. "Correct Usage"
An old german alchemical manuscript containing various 'recipes'.
Translated by: Christine Banerji.
R.A.M.S. 1986.
53 pages.

Table of Contents:
The symbols and the names of the metals. p.4
Some latinized alchemical terms. p.4
The contents. p.5
1. How to make clear agate artifically. p.8
2. How to make precious stones shine. p.8
3. How to make a stone which can be lit with a wet finger or with saliva from the mouth. p.8
4. How to soften precious stones so that one can cut them like cheese, and which, when poured or pressed into all moulds, will sonn become hard again. p.9
5. How to make beautiful pearls, just like genuine ones. p.9
6. How to treat and harden Mercurium so that one can beat it, cast it and work it. p.10
7. How to make black, pleasant smelling, glowing candles. p.11
8. How to make a pretty green colour. p.11
9. How to make a good copy. p.11
10. Casting. p.11
11. How to print from paper onto tin. p.11
12. How to gload-plate beautifully. p.12
13. Gold-plating copper and brass. p.12
14. How to dissolve gold-plated silver so that the silver remains whole. p.12
15. How to boil off pure silver from copper coin. p.13
16. A powder which will silver-plate whatever it is poured onto. p.13
17. How to solder iron. p.13
18. How to turn copper into brass. p.14
19. How to make good casts of all metals. p.14
20. How to make minium (red lead). p.14
21. How to make cinnabar. p.14
How to make Lapis lazuli. p.15
22. How to make verdigris. p.16
Another experiment. p.16
How to make white lead. p.17
23. How to make goldsmith's borax. p.17
24. How to extract sulphur from ore. p.18
25. Colouring copper with gold. p.18
How to separate gold from copper. p.18
26. How to make all metals and all unforgeable things malleable so that they become soft and can be forged. p.19
27. How to make gold and silver malleable. p.19
28. how to refine coin on a melting-plate. p.19
29. How to test whether silver contains gold. p.19
30. How to silver-plate copper. Hans Durckeymer. p.20
31. How to deaden Mercurium so that it can be wrought. p.20
32. How to give copper a gold colouring. How to test it so that it can be wrought just like gold. p.20
33. How to extract silver from tin and make goblets from it. p.20
34. How to lightly silver-plate a copper drinking-cup on the outside and on the inside. p.21
How to make wrought copper silver, inside and out. p.21
35. Red water of gold. p.22
36. A strong aqua fortis. p.23
Water of tartar. p.23
Regarding silver. p.23
37. How to make white copper. p.23
Another experiment. p.24
38. How to treat all metals so that they are malleable and can be cast. p.24
39. How to gold-plate steel or iron. p.24
40. How to separate gold or silver from steel. p.24
41. How to make copper exactly the same colour as gold so that it keeps (its colour) through two or more fires and is malleable. p.24
How often and heighten unworkable gold. Elizabeth von Drittenhoven. p.25
Regarding silver. p.25
42. An oil which makes everything malleable. p.25
43. Separating gold from copper. p.25
How to trun copper into gold. p.26
How to make gold from copper. p.26
44. How to make silver from copper. p.26
Amalgama. p.27
45. How to turn brass into gold. p.27
Catch Mollen in this way. p.27
Gold from Mollen. p.27
46. Calx Lune. p.28
How to calcinate Venerem. p.28
Another experiment. p.29
Another experiment. p.29
47. How to make Crocum veneria. p.30
48. Coagulatio Mercerij. p.30
The mother of all waters. This will dissolve all substances. p.30
49. How to calcinate the seven planets, how to purify them and reduce them. How to calcinate Solem. p.31
Calx Lune. p.31
Calcinatio Solis. p.31
Another Calx Solis. p.31
50. How to make silver from Mollen. p.31
Another experiment. p.32
Note. p.32
51. Tin which will not crack. p.32
52. How to turn Mercury into gold. Hugo. p.33
How to make Crocus Martis. p.33
How to calcinate Saturnum. p.33
Calcinate Jovis or Saturni. p.34
53. How to make a hard, white powder from tin. p.34
How to calcinate Mars. p.34
Pargatio Veneris. p.35
Operatio ad Solem. p.35
Another experiment to make gold. p.35
Another experiment to make gold. p.36
55. An experiment to make silver. p.36
Another experiment to make silver. p.37
Another experiment to make silver. p.37
Another experiment to make silver. p.38
Another experiment to make silver. p.38
Another experiment to make silver. p.39
Another experiment to make silver. p.39
56. How to make one lot of good quality silver from four lots of quicksilver. p.39
57. How to fix Mercurium. p.40
58. How to make a constant fire. p.40
An easy skill to learn. p.40
59. How to calcinate alum. p.41
How to prepare sal commune. p.41
60. How to prepare sal armoniac. p.41
61. How to make sal alkali. p.42
How to make sal borax. p.43
Another experiment with borax. p.43
62. How to make Aqua Mercurij. p.44
How to make Aqua salis armoniaci. p.44
63. How to make aquam lac virginis. p.44
64. How to make Aquam Salis alkali. p.45
65. How to make a liquid called Crocus Martis. p.45
How to calcinate tartar. p.45
66. How to calcinate egg shells. p.46
How to calcinate zinc oxide. p.46
How to make Aquam lunarem. p.46
67. How to make Aqua Causata. p.46
How to make Aqua castica. p.47
68. How to make Aquam auripigmenti.p.47
Aqua de sale communal preparato. p.48
69. Aqua from egg yolks. p.48
How to make tartar oil. p.48
70. Oleum laternal or petroleum. p.48
Oleum benedictum. p.48
Oleum sulphuris. p.49
Nota. p.49
71. How to purify Sulphur. p.49
How to refine sulphur. p.50
How to make oleum ouorum. p.51
72. Oleum auripigmenti. p.51
Oleum Lunare. p.51
Oleum sulphuris. p.51
73. How to refine Mercury. p.51
How to improve the quality of gold. p.52

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