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"De Auro (on gold)" Pico della Mirandola, fr. "De Auro (on gold)" Pico della Mirandola, fr.
Translator: Patricia Tahil.
R.A.M.S. 1989.
Books I, II & III.
78 pages.
[DEAURO: _original.PDF, _raw.RTF]

Table of Contents:
Book 1.
Chapter 1. Gold not known in the earliest times; its discovery and esteem universal agreement, so that it is the yardstick for other things. p.3
Chapter 2. Gold not highly esteemed because of its natural usefulness. p.5
Chapter 3. Gold's extraordinary reputation is not medicinal. p.5
Chapter 4. Potable Gold does not explain the great nobleness of the Metal. p.9
Chapter 5. The Purity and permanence of Gold are not the reason men rate it so highly. p.11
Chapter 6. Its Brightness is not the Reason why Gold exceeds all else in Value. Whether because it Delights the Eyes, or because it does not wear away nor rub off. p.12
Chapter 7. The Extraordinary Nobility of Gold does not stem from Sacred Literature. p.13
Chapter 8. The Nobility of Gold does not stem from the Favour shown those who wear it. p.14
Second Book on Gold.
Chapter 1. What Gold & Silver are, and of the Name of the Art by which is Made. p.16
Chapter 2. The Origins and Progress of the Art. p.17
Chapter 3. Concerning the Art itself, is it lawful or Not? What the Founders, Commentators, and Interpreters of the Laws and Canons, the Theologians, and the Writers of Common Compendia have Said. p.21
Chapter 4. Proper Opinions on the Art of Making Gold depend on Natural Philosophy. p.25
Chapter 6. Thomas Aquinas' Opinions on the Making of Gold made Clear. p.30
Chapter 7. Artifical Gold may be more perfect than Native Gold. p.32
Chapter 8. Five Methods of Making Gold Artifically, by which as in many other things, Art outdoes Nature berift of Art. p.38
Chapter 9. It is Unnecessary for those Skilled in the Art of Making Gold to have a Deep and Profound Knowledge of the Finer Points of Philosophy. p.43
Chapter 10. Gold can be made more easily in our Century than in previous ones, and I have assembled many arguments against those who slander the Art and against even Famous Writers who have a Dissenting Opinion concerning Cinnabar, Mercury and many other things. p.45
Upon Gold. Book Three.
Chapter 1. Ancient experiments in making Gold by the Chemical Art. p.55
Chapter 2. Experiments in Gold-making in our Day, wherein lie many feats of Chemistry. p.60
Chapter 3. A Warning to them who wildly Slander those Skilled in the Art of Making Gold, who deserve the Title of Philosopher more than any other Investigators of Nature. p.64
Chapter 4. If a Man may Properly be called Rich because of External Matters, those Skilled in the Art of Making Gold deserve the Same Title. p.67
Chapter 5. Artificial Gold is not False (which it would probably not be Lawful to Sell), but Genuine and is not worse in Qulaity than Native Mined Gold, but often better. p.69
Chapter 6. Several pieces of Advice for those who Eagerly Strive to Make Gold by the Chemical Art, and an answer to the common Question why those who occupy themselves with the Art of Making Gold are Poor. p.73

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