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"The Divine Symbols." A Course of Lessons in Practical Redemption. For the Use of Occult Students Being a New Unfoldment of Sexual Soular Science by Adiramled. 43 pages. [Divine: .pdf]

Table of Contents.
Practical Lessons. No.1. Aleph. A. p.2
Practical Lessons. No.2. Beth. B. p.7
Practical Lessons. No.3. Gimel. G. p.10
Practical Lessons. No.4. Daleth. D. p.15
Practical Lessons. No.5. He. E. p.18
Practical Lessons. No.6. Vav. V. p. 22
Practical Lessons. No.7. Zayin. Z. p.26
Practical Lessons. No.8. Heth. H. p.30
Practical Lessons. No.9. Teth. T. p.34
Practical Lessons. No.10. Iod. I. p.38

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