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“The Golden Chain of Homer.” A Description of Nature & Natural Things. How and from what they are generated and how they are destroyed again, and what that subject is which generates, destroys and regenerated things, & etc. Franckfurt and Leipzig. 1723. Translated from the German by Sigismond Bactsrom, M.D. 1797. 146 pages [GOLDENCHAIN1723: .pdf]

Table of Contents:
A Word about RAMS. p.2
Aurea Catena Homeri. p.4
Explication of the Golden Chain of Homer. p.5
Scala Philosophorum Cabalistica Magia. p.7
Of the Generation of Things
Part 1.
Chapter I. What Nature is. p.8
Chapter II. How all things Proceed Therefrom. p.9
Chapter III. How All Things are Further Generated. p.14
Chapter IV. How the Universal Sperm is Generated by the Four Elements. p.16
Chapter V. In what manner the Divided Chaotic [water] is Regenerated and
becomes the Universal and General Sperm of All Things called Anima or Spiritus Mundi. p.20
Chapter VI. Of the Heavens and Their Influence. p.22
Chapter VII. Of the Atmosphere, or [air], and its Influence. p.27
Chapter VIII. Of Water and its Effluvium. p.29
Chapter IX. Of the Earth and its Effluvium. p.33
Chapter X. Discovery of the Genuine Universal Sperm in the Regenerated Chaos,
The Corporified Anima or Spiritus Mundi. p.40
Chapter XI. That [Niter] and [Salt] are found in the [air] and in all things in this world. p.54
Chapter XII. That there is [Niter] and [Salt] in all [Water]s and [Earth]s. p.61
Chapter XIII. That [Niter] and [Salt] is found in Animals, that Animals proceed from [Niter]
and [Salt], and are resolved into [Niter] and [Salt]. p.65
Chapter XIV. That [Niter] and [Salt] is found in Vegetables, that Vegetables consist
of [Niter] and [Salt], and are resolved into [Niter] and [Salt]. p.66
Chapter XV. That [Niter] and [Salt] is found in Minerals, that Vegetables are formed
of [Niter] and [Salt], and are resolved into [Niter] and [Salt]. p.69
Chapter XVI. Of the Principal Gate or Key to Nature the Author of Destruction &
Regeneration of All Things, called Putrifaction. p.76
Chapter XVII. What Putrifaction is. p.79
Chapter XVIII. What Proceeds from or is Effected by Putrifaction. p.86
Chapter XIX. How the volatile becomes Acid, and the Acid becomes Alcali
an vice versa how the Alcali becomes Acid & the [acid] volatile. p.87
Chapter XX. Of the Universal & Particular Volatile Acid & Alcali. p.101
Chapter XXI. The Generation of Animals. p.104
Chapter XXII. The Generation of Vegetables. p.111
Process for the Lapis Dulcis (from Professor Kiel) p.121
Chapter XXIII. Generation of Minerals, out of what Principles they consist. p.124
Process for the Reduction of [Gold] via Sicca et Humida. p.125

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