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"The Last Will and Testament of Basil Valentine". "The Last Will and Testament of Basil Valentine". Monke of the Order of St. Bennet.
To which is added two Tracts: The first declaring his Manual Operations; The Second showing Things Natural & Supernatural.
London. Printed by S.G. and B.G. for Edward Brewster, and to be sold at the Sign of the Crane in St. Paul's Church Yard. 1672.
R.A.M.S. 1986.
436 pages.
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Table of Contents:
To The Reader. p.4
The Preface and Entrance unto Basilius Valentinus. His Last Will. p.7
A Table. The Contents of the First Part of the Book. p.17
The Contents of the Second Part. p.19
The Contents of the Third Part. Being a Declaration of the XII Keys. p.20
The Contents of the Fourth Part, concerning the Particulars made of the Seven Metals, How they may be prepared with Profit. p.20
The Contents of the Practick Treatise, Together with the XII Keys and Appendix. p.21
The Contents of the Fifth and Last Part. p.22
The First Part of Basilius Valentinus.
Chapter I. Of the Aetherial liqour of Metals, or of the Metal Ferch. p.26
Chapter II. Of the Seed of Metals. p.29
Chapter III. Of the Metalline Nutriment. p.32
Chapter IV. Of the Metaline Shop, or, Officinia Metallorum. p.34
Chapter V. Of the Egression and Ingression of Metals. p.38
Chapter VI. Of the Dissolution and Reduction of Metals. p.40
Chapter VII. Of the Ascension and Descension of Metals. p.42
Chapter VIII. Of Respiring Metal, or of Quickore. p.44
Chapter IX. Of Expiring Metal or of Dead Metal. p.47
Chapter X. Of Pure or Fine Metal. p.49
Chapter XI. Of Impure Metals. p.52
Chapter XII. Of Perfect Metals. p.55
Chapter XIII. Of Imperfect Metal. p.58
Chapter XIV. Of the Soap-Metal or Metallum Uredinum. p.62
Chapter XV. Of Inhalation or Inbreathing. p.64
Chapter XVI. Of Exhalation or Out Breathing. p.66
Chapter XVII. Of Coruscation, or of Adhalations, or to Breathing or Glittering. p.68
Chapter XVIII. Of Folium and Spolium or of the Schimmer and Glimmer. p.70
Chapter XIX. Of Fuliginous Vapours and Ashes. p.71
Chapter XX. Of Scobes and Metalline Water, of the Schlich and Lye (Lixivium). p.73
Chapter XXI. Of the Scoria and Exuvium, of the Seed and Hull of the Seed. p.75
Chapter XXII. Of the Shining Rod, or the Fire Rod. p.77
Chapter XXIII. Of the Glowing Rod. p.79
Chapter XXIV. Of the Leaping Rod. p.81
Chapter XXV. Of Furcilla or of the Striking Rod. p.84
Chapter XXVI. Of Virgula Tripidans, or of the Heaving or Trembling Rod. p.86
Chapter XXVII. Of the Falling Rod, or of the Nether Rod. p.87
Chapter XXVIII. Of the Superior Rod. p.89
Chapter XXIX. Of Resting Vapous, or of Their Sediments. p.91
Chapter XXX. Of Weather-Salt, Halitus Melusus. p.92
Chapter XXXI. Of Cos Metallicus, or Stone-Salt. p.93
Chapter XXXII. Of the Subterranean Pools. p.94
Chapter XXXIII. Of Aurum Metallicum; Of the Metalline Gold, or of the Metalline Bed. p.95
Chapter XXXIV. Of Metalline Streams. p.96
Chapter XXXV. Of Creta, Chalk or Stone Meal. p.97
Chapter XXXVI. Of Spiro, or of the Blast. p.98
Chapter XXXVII. Of Pulpa, or of the Break-Stuff, or Brittle Matter. p.99
Chapter XXXVIII. Of Calthrum, or of the Blank-Fire. p.100
Chapter XXXIX. Of the Gluten or Mine-Glue. p.102
Chapter XL. Of Truta, or of Paste for to Corrode the Stone Through, or Thru Cating. p.103
Chapter XLI. Of the Traha, or Heaving Materials used instead of a Dray or Slead. p.105
Chapter XLII. Of the Frost in Mine-Works. p.106
Chapter XLIII. Of the Flaming Fire. p.107
Chapter XLIV. Of Ignis Torrens, or of the Roasting Fire. p.108
Chapter XLV. Of the Corroding Fire. p.109
Chapter XLVI. Of Ignis Candens, or of the Glowing Fire. p.109
Chapter XLVII. Of Ignis Incubans, or of the Lamp-Fire. p.110
Chapter XLVIII. Of the Cold Fire. p.111
The Second Part of Basilius Valentinus.
Chapter I. Of Mines and Clifts, and what manner of middle and second works are in ores. p.112
Chapter II. Of General Operations or Several Metals. p.113
Chapter III. Of the Stones, Rocks, and Flints of Gold, Its Operations, Condition, and Striking Courses. p.115
Chapter IV. Of Silver Ore, of its Mine, Operation, Condition and Striking Passages. p.117
Chapter V. of Copper Ore, of its Stone, Operation, and Striking Passages. p.119
Chapter VI. Of Iron-Ore, Its Mine, Operations, Stocks, Floats, and Passages. p.124
Chapter VII. Of Lead-Ore, Its MIne, Condition, and Striking Passages. p.128
Chapter VIII. Of Tin, Its Ore, OPeration, Mist, Stocks, Floats, Fallings, and Striking Passages. p.131
Chapter IX. Of Mercurial Ore and Its Passages. p.133
Chapter X. Of Wismuth, Antimony, Sulphur, Saltpeter and Talk. p.135
Chapter XI. A Comparison between Gods Word and the Minerals. p.137
Chapter XII. How Precious Stones and Jewels are wrought, and How God has Bestowed Blessings upon those that work the Mines. p.141
Chapter XIII. Of the Essence of Gold, which is Abundantly found not only in the Metal, but Mineral also, whose energy is served most rarely, and a short closing of my first and second part of Minerals and Metals is Annexed.p.143
The Third Part of Basilius Valentinus.
His Last Testament.
Treating of the Universal Work in the Whole World, with a Perfect Declaration of the XII Kets; wherein is significantly expressed the name of the Great Matter. p.147
The Third Part is A Declaration of the XII Keys. p.148
The Second Key. p.154
The Third Key. p.156
The Fourth part of Basilius Valentinus.
His Last Testament.
The Manuals wherein he treats, how metals and some Minerals may particulariter be brought to their Highest Preparation & Etc, Etc. p.181
The Fourth Part. Particulars of the Seven Metals, how they may be prepared with profit. p.182
Now follows the particular of Luna, and of the Extraction of its Sulphur and Salt. p.190
Of the Particular of Mars, together with the Extraction of its Anima and Salt. p.193
Of the particular of Venus, what mysteries there are hid therein and the Extraction of its Sulphur and Salt. p.194
Of the particular of Saturn, together with the Extraction of its Soul and Salt. p.196
Of the particular of Jupiter, together with the Extraction of its Anima and Salt. p.202
Of the particular of Mercury Vive, and of its Sulphur and Salt. p.203
An Oil made of Mercury, and its Salt. p.204
Of the particular of Antimony, together with the extraction of its Sulphur and Salt. p.205
A Short way to make the Antimonial Sulphur and Salt. p.206
A Practick Treatise together with the XII Keys and Appendix of the Great Stone of the Ancient Philosophers. p.208
The Preface of the Author. p.209
Of the Great Stone of the Ancient Philosophers. p.211
The Twelve Keys of Basilius Valentinus. p.224
First Key. p.225
The Second Key. p.227
The Third Key. p.230
The Fourth Key. p.232
The Fifth Key. p.235
The Sixth Key. p.239
The Seventh Key. p.241
The Eighth Key. p.244
The Ninth Key. p.250
The Tenth Key. p.253
The Eleventh Key. p.256
The Twelfth Key. p.259
Of the First Matter of the Philosophers Stone. p.261
A Brief Appendix and Plain Repetition or Reiteration of Basilius Valentinus. p.263
Now follows what is to be said of Sulphur. p.265
I will also give you my opinion of the Salt of the Philosophers. p.265
An Addition. p.269
Of Mercury. p.270
Of Antimony. p.271
Of Copper-Water. p.275
Of Common Sulphur. p.278
Of Calx Vive. p.279
Of Arsenic. p.280
Of Saltpeter. p.282
Of Sal-Armoniac. p.283
Of Tartar. p.283
Of Vinegar. p.284
Of Wine. p.285
The First Treatise of the Sulphur, Vitriol, and Magnet of the Philosophers.
Section I. Of the Sulphur and Ferment of the Philosophers. p.288
Section II. Of the Philosophers Vitriol. p.289
Section III. Of the Philosophers Magnet. p.290
Allegorical expressions betwixt the Holy Trinity and the Philosophers Stone. p.292
The Second Treatise of Vulgar Sulphur, Vitriol, and Magnet.
Section I. Of Sulphurs.
Chapter I. Of Sulphur of Saturn. p.293
Chapter II. Of Sulphur of Jupiter. p.294
Chapter III. Of Sulphurs of MArs and Venus. p.295
Chapter IV. Of Sulphur of Sol. p.295
Chapter V. Of Sulphur of Mercury. p.296
Chapter VI. Of Sulphur of Luna. p.297
Chapter VII. Of Sulphur of Antimony. p.297
Chapter VIII. Of Sulphur of Vitriol. p.298
Chapter IX. Of Common Sulphur. p.298
Section II. Of Vitriols.
Chapter I. Of Vitriol of Sol, and of Luna. p.301
Chapter II. Of Vitriol of Saturn, and of Jupiter. p.301
Chapter III. Of Vitriol of Mars. p.301
Chapter IV. Of Vitriol of Venus. p.302
Chapter V. Of Vitriol of Mercury. p.303
Chapter VI. Of Common Vitriol. p.303
Section III. Of Vulgar Magnet. p.305
JOD. V. R. A Process upon the Philosophic work of Virtiol. p.306
An exact work, how Mercury Vive is coagulated and brought unto a LUNAR fixation, with LUNA holds SOL also in the trial. p.309
The Fifth and Last Part of the Last Testament of Friar Basilius Valentinus.
Treating of the Transcendent, and most precious and wonderful Medicine, which the great Creator has put into Metalline and Mineral Salts, for the benefit of Man: To keep him in perfect health continually. p.311
A description of the Fiery Tartar. p.318
Of the Salt of Tartar. p.318
Basilius Valentinus His Treatise concerning the Microcosme or The Little World, which is mans Body.
What is does contain, and of what it is composed, what it does comprehend, and its end and issue. p.322
Of the Mystery of the Microcosme, its Medicinal parts belonging unto Man. p.333
Two Treatises of the Most Eminent and Incomparible Philosopher, Basil Valentine, Frier of the Order of the Benedicts. p.348
The First. Whereof declareth his Manual Operations, how he has made and prepared his Secret Medicines; the Stone Ignis out of Antimony, and last of all the Philosophers Stone.
The Epistle to the Reader. p.349
Of Vitriol and its preparation, as also its power and virtues. p.355
An Addition. p.357
Of the Sweet Essence of Vitriol. p.358
The Use of this Medicine. p.359
The Preparation of the Stone Ignis. p.359
The Conjunction of the Three Principles, Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury of Antimony. p.362
An Addition. p.362
Another Medicine made out of Antimony and Mercury, and of its effects in outward Sores. p.363
The Preparation of the Sublimate for this work. p.363
The Salt-Peter-Water id made thus. p.364
The Use. p.364
The Preparation of a Medicine out of Common Sulphur. p.365
The Use of this Medicine. p.365
The Preparation of the Tincture of Corals. p.366
The Use of the Medicine. p.366
The True Solution of Pearls. p.367
The Use of this Medicine. p.367
A certain Cure of the Stone. p.368
Of the Soul, or of the Sulphur of Luna, or the Philosophers Silver. p.369
The Use. p.369
The Secret of Quick or Unslaked Lime. p.370
An Addition. p.371
The Preparation of the Great Philosophic Stone. p.371
Now I do proceed in the Name of the Lord to the work itself. p.372
The preparation of the Water. p.373
Afterwards you must prepare your Spirit of wine with the Philosophical Tartar, in the manner following. p.374
To make a True Spirit of Wine. p.379
Spirit of Mercury by itself, or Mercurial Water. p.379
A Tincture both upon Men and Metals. p.379
A Tincture upon White. p.380
To make an ounce of Gold out of Half an ounce. p.380
To make the Mercury of Gold, or the Philosophical Mercury. p.380
The Water is made as follows. p.381
To make the Salt of Gold. p.381
The Second. Discovering things Natural and Supernatural, as also the First Tincture, Root, and Spirit of Metals and Minerals, how they are conceived, ripened, brought forth, and augmented.
Chapter I. Of things Natural and Supernatural. p.382
Chapter II. Of the First Tincture, The Root of Metal. p.393
Chapter III. Of the Spirit of Mercury. p.396
Chapter IV. Of the Spirit of Copper. p.403
Chapter V. Of the Generation of Mars, its Spirit and Tincture. p.410
Chapter VI. Of the Spirit of Gold. p.415
Chapter VII. Of the Tincture of Silver. p.421
Chapter VIII. Of the Soul or Tincture of Pewter. p.425
Chapter IX. Of the Spirit of Saturn or Tincture of Lead. p.431

"Of Natural & Supernatural Things" by Basilius Valentinus. Also of the first tincture, root, and spirit of metals and minerals, how the same are conceived, generated, brought forth, changed, and augmented. Translated out of high Dutch by Daniel Cable ; whereunto is added Frier Roger Bacon, Of the medicine or tincture of antimony; Mr. John Isaac Holland, his Work of Saturn; and Alex. Van Suchten, Of the Secrets of Antimony.
London, Printed, and are to be Sold by Moses Pitt at the White Hart in Little Britain, 1671.
105 pages.
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Table of Contents:
CHAPTER II. Of the first Tincture and Roots of Metals. p.16
CHAPTER III. Of the Spirit of Mercury. p.21
CHAPTER IV. Of the Spirit of Copper. p.28
CHAPTER V. Of the Spirit and Tincture of Mars. p.37
CHAPTER VI. Of the Spirit of Gold. p.42
CHAPTER VII. Of the Spirit of Silver. p.50
CHAPTER VIII. Of the Soul or Tincture of Tin. p.55
CHAPTER IX. Of the Spirit of Saturn, or Tincture of Lead. p.61
Of the Medicine or Tincture of Antimony,. p.71
Now we come to the Manual Operation. p.73
In the Gout. p.79
In the Leprosie. p.80
In the Apoplexie. p.80
In the Dropsie. p.80
In a Hectick. p.81
In Agues. p.81
In the Plague. p.81
For a prolongation of a healthful Life. p.81
We will now step further to the Oil, and its Power, and shew how by it the Diseases of the impure Bodies of the Metals may be cured. p.82
Its Multiplication. p.83
A Work of Saturn, of Mr. John Isaac Hollandus. p.85
The Preface. p.85
A Work of Saturn. p.85
Example. p.87
Why is it as white as Snow? p.90
Why is it sweet? p.90
What hath God in us, for whose sake he hath created all these wonders, and all these things? p.92
Now, my child, why is Saturn fluxible as Wax? p.93
The second way of preparing the Water of Paradise. p.98
The Oyl was unknown to the Ancients, for my Grandfather with his Companions found it with great labour and length of time. p.100
The Multiplication of the Stone now perfected. p.102
Projection upon Metal. p.106
It's Use in Physick. p.106
Its Use in External Diseases. p.108

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