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"The Marrow of Alchemy." By Eirenaeus Philoponos Philalethes."The Marrow of Alchemy." By Eirenaeus Philoponos Philalethes.
Being an Experimental Treatise, Discovering The Secret and Most Hidden Mystery of the Philosophers Elixer.
Divided into Two Books:
The First Containing Four Books Chiefly Illustrating the Theory,
The Other Containing Three Books, Elucidating the Pratique of the Art.
London. 1654.
R.A.M.S. 1993.
89 pages.
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Table of Contents:
Foreward. p.3
To the Courteous and Studious Reader. p.4
Programma. p.7
The First Book. p.9
The Second Book. p.19
The Third Book. p.27
The Fourth Book. p.37
The Second Part. Containing Three Books, Elucidating the
Pratique of the Art: In which The Art is so Plainly Disclosed, as never any before did. for the benefit of young Practitioners, and the convincing those who are in Errors Labyrinth. p.45
An Advertisement to the Reader. p.46
The First Book. p.50
The Second Book. p.64
The Third and Last Book. p.73
Calcination. p.73
Dissolution. p.76
Separation. p.78
Conjunction. p.80
Putrefaction. p.82
Congelation. p.83
The Method and Materials pointed at, composing the Sophick Mercury and Transmuting Elixir, in plain terms, free from all Enigma's; the like never before emitted to the World. p.86

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