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"An Old Alchemical Treatise" "An Old Alchemical Treatise"
(Translated out of Latin).
R.A.M.S. 1986.
58 pages.
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Table of Contents:
An Old Alchemical Treatise. p.2
Addendum. p.6
The composition of the Philosopher's Stone. p.10
Synopsis of the Entire Book. p.14
Chapter 1. Concerning the substrate of Esrth, or the lower part of the matter of the Philosopher's 5tone. p.15
Chapter 2. Concerning the Distillstion of Red or Adamic soil into a liquid. p.22
Chapter 3. Concerning the double Rectification of the distilled Liquid, which is definitely a mediate {media} spiritual substance, and how it is separated from its two effluvia - aqua phlegmatica, phlegmatic water, and terrestrial filth. p.24
Chapter 4. Concerning the Extraction of fixed salt from the residue or Caput Mortuum and its resolution into its rectified Spirits. p.25
Chapter 5. Concerning the Attraction of Aqua aerea, water condensed from air, or concerning the legitimate way that corporeal and earthly liquid is animated and impregnated by astral rays. p.28
Chapter 6. Concerning the higher part of the Matter of the Philosopher's Stone, that is, the Influence of sun, moon, and stars, by which the corporeal Liquid is made into stars when mixed with aqua aerea, water condensed from air. including a clear Exposition in the light of day, by the sympathetic influence of the higher and lower spheres. p.31
Chapter 7. Concerning the Union of higher and lower, that is, concerning the formation of the central salt in mixed water; and their derivatives, which are known as congealed water that has no power to moisten hands. p.34
Chapter 8. Concerning the substrate of the form of the stone, that is, concerning aurum vivium or living gold, and the preparation for refining it. p.40
Chapter 9. Concerning the solution of opening of the pores of the body or of aurum vivium in the philosophic mercury duplex, for the emission of sperm. p.45
Chapter 10. Concerning the Extraction of the gold-producing seed - effectively the form of the stone - which is the second part of its Composition. p.47
Chapter 11. Concerning the planting of the gold-producing seed in its soil, or in Philosophic Mercury. That is, concerning the Conjunction of the matter and form of the Stone - of salt and central sophic sulphur (solis centralis) for the super-natural generation of the child of the sun. p.49
Chapter 12. Concerning the maturing of the Work into its perfection and completion. p.51

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