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"Liber Ratziel." The Book of Salamonis."Liber Ratziel."
The Book of Salamonis.
R.A.M.S. 1983.
82 pages.
Possibly Sloane MS. 3846.
probably thirteenth century.
(RATZIEL: _original.PDF)

Table of Contents:
The Book of Salamonis. p.2
Know Thou the Time in which Salomon got the Book and of How and of Whom it came to Him. p.3
Here Endeth the First Book and Beginneth the Second. p.18
Here Endeth the Second Book and Beginneth the Third Book of Thymiamatibus. p.40
Here beginneth the 4th Book that speaketh upon times of the year. p.49
Note well this Part. p.54
Names of hours of the Night. p.61
The names of the Heavens in 4 times. p.63
Names of the Planets proper in 4 Times. p.64
Here beginneth the 5th Book that treateth of Cleanness. p.66
The Capliter of Explanation of the Name Semiforas. p.71
Here beginneth the Sixth Book that treateth of the names of Heaven. p.73
Of the Operation of Semiforas. p.73
Note of Orison. p.74
These be the Angels of the first Heaven. p.74
Angels of the 2nd Heaven. p.74
Angels of the 3rd Heaven. p.75
Angels of the 4th Heaven. p.75
Angels of the 5th Heaven. p.75
Angels of the 6th Heaven. p.76
Angels of the 7th Heaven. p.76
Here beginneth the 7th Book that treateth of names of the Virtues of them. p.76
The first Semoforax. p.77
The Second Semoforax. p.77
The Third Semoforax. p.78
The Fourth Semoforax. p.78
The Fifth Semoforax. p.78
The Sixth Semoforax. p.78
The Seventh Semoforax. p.79
Here beginneth the Semoforax that Moses had. p.79
Chapter I. p.80
Chapter 2. p.80
Chapter 3. p.80
Chapter 4. p.81
Chapter 5. p.81
Chapter 6. p.81
Chapter 7. p.82
Here endeth the Book of Raziel and of the 7 treatises. p.82

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