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"The Art of Spagyric Medicine" by John Pharamund Rhumelius. "The Art of Spagyric Medicine" by John Pharamund Rhumelius.
Containing: A Hermetic Compendium, A Chymical Antidote, & A Chymical Therapeutics. 1662.
Translated from French by: Leone Muller.
R.A.M.S. 1986.
118 pages
(SPAGYRIC: _original.PDF)

Table of Contents:
Preface. p.3
Note. p.5
Table of Contents. p.5
Hermetic Compendium p.8
Chapter I. The true medicine of the ancients. p.8
Chapter II. From where the true medicine is to extracted. p.9
Chapter III. The right knowledge and the origin of all illnesses. p.11
Chapter IV. The real cure and the healing of illnesses in general. p.14
Chapter V. In what way one can cure illnesses, and on medicaments. p.17
Chapter VI. The Universal Medicine and its preparation. p.20
Chapter VII. The Particular way. p.22
Chapter VIII. The best medicaments. p.23
Chapter IX. The right and true preparation of medicaments. p.25
Chapter X. The difference in medicaments. p.27
Chapter XI. the propitious moment for picking the medicinal species. p.28
Chapter XII. Compounded medicaments. p.30
Chapter XIII. " " " p.30
Chapter XIV. Continuation of the preceding chapter. p.32
Chapter XV. How to prepare the universal medicines. p.34
Chapter XVI. The preparation of medicaments. p.36
Chapter XVII. The gold of the philosophers. p.37
Chapter XVIII. How gold has to be prepared. p.39
Chapter XIX. "" p.39
Chapter XX. How to prepare the quintessence of pearls and precious stones. p.42
Chapter XXI. How to prepare the true essence and tincture of corals. p.44
Chapter XXII. How to prepare the Plant Stone. p.46
Chapter XXIII. The Animal Stone. How to prepare it and the Judicious Use one has to make of it. p.47
Chapter XXIV. The Mineral Stone. How and of What it is made. p.48
Chapter XXV. The Phalaia and Asa medicines. How to prepare and use them. p.49
Chapter XXVI. How the plant and animal medicines have to be prepared. p.50
Another Hermetic Compendium p.52
Chapter I. How and from where diseases come. p.52
Chapter II. The cure of diseases. p.54
Chapter III. Paricular medicaments. p.56
Chapter IV. The preparation of medicaments. p.58
Chapter V. The Universal Medicine. p.59
Chapter VI. The Universal Menstruum. p.61
Chapter VII. Medical gold. p.63
Chymical Antidote.
Treatise IV. Tripartite Phalaia.
Chapter I. The medicine Phalaia. p.64
Chapter II. In what points this medicine differs from others. p.65
Chapter III. The kind of Phalaia of which the author wishes to speak. p.66
Chapter IV. Under what aspect the Animal Phalia must present itself. p.68
Chapter V. The use of this Panacea. p.69
Appendix. The triple potable gold. p.70
Treatise VI. The Golden Panacea. p.72
Chapter I. p.74
Chapter II. p.76
Chapter III. p.77
Chapter IV. p.78
Chapter V. p.79
Chapter VI. p.80
Chapter VII. p.81
Chapter VIII. p.83
Treatise VII. The Bird of Hermes.
Part I - Mercury p.84
Chapter I. The origin of our medicine. p.84
Chapter II. Philosophical Sulphur. p.85
Chapter III. Where our Mercury can be found. p.86
Chapter IV. How the Philosophical Mercury must be extracted. p.88
Part II - Sulphur p.89
Chapter V. Philosophical Sulphur. p.89
Chapter VI. The Philosophical Egg. p.90
Chapter VII. How the Philosophical Sulphur is to be extracted. p.91
Part III - Salt p.92
Chapter VIII. Philosophical Salt. p.92
Chapter IX. Where this Salt is. p.93
Chapter X. How the Philosophical Salt must be prepared. p.95
Conclusion of the whole Treatise. p.97
Treatise VIII. The Song of Songs of Solomon. p.99
Chapter I. The Universal Medicine. p.99
Treatise X. The Hermetic Herbal. p.103
Chapter I. Signature of the Planets. p.103
Chapter III. Key to the Little Hermetic Herbal. p.111
Some Plants and Roots that have special Qualities for specific Diseases. p.113
The Plants of the Seven Planets: At what Time they must be gathered, and Directions for their Use. p.115
Chymical Therapeutics.
Treatise I. Militant Medicine.
Chapter III. The Hermetic Cure. p.117

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