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Table of Contents


"Theoricus Degree". Rosicrucian, MAsonic & ALchemical Script. "Theoricus Degree". Rosicrucian, Masonic & Alchemical Script.
Translated from French & German by: Leone Muller.
R.A.M.S. 1985.
161 pages.
(THEORICUS: _original.PDF)

Table of Contents:
Foreward. p.3
Fragment of the History of the Kings of Sheshian. p.4
Admission. p.36
The Oath. p.38
Notes. p.43
Laws. For the Eminent Assembly of the Theoretical Brothers. p.44
s.2. On Religion. p.45
s.3. On the Submissiveness due to the Authorities. p.45
s.4. On the Admission of the Theoretical Brothers. p.45
s.5. On the Order which the Brothers have to keep in the Assembly. p.46
s.6. Of Dinner Assemblies. p.47
s.7. p.47
Note. p.48
Customs of the Dinner Assembly. p.48
Prayer. p.49
Various Questions. p.50
Closing of the Assembly. p.54
Prayer. p.54
Toasts. p.55
Opening of the Assembly. p.56
Closing of the Assembly. p.58
Prayer. Before the Assembly. After the Assembly. p.59
Beginning of the Instruction of the Theoretical Brothers. p.61
s.2. On the Elements in General. p.67
s.3. Of the Special Elements: Of [Fire]. p.72
s.4. On Air. p.76
s.5. On Water. p.78
s.6. On Earth. p.81
s.7. On the Elementized Things and Spirits. p.82
s.8. On Corporeal Things, especially on The Three beginnings of Things. p.85
s.9. On Salt. p.85
s.10. On Sulphur. p.86
s.11. On Mercury. p.87
s.12. On the Seeds of Things. p.87
s.13. On Generation. p.89
s.14. On Preservation. p.95
s.15. On Destruction. p.96
s.16. The Effect of the Upper Stars. p.96
s.17. Of the Airy Signs or Meteors. p.98
s.18. On Metals. p.98
s.19. Of the Generation of Metals. p.99
s.20. Gold. p.100
s.21. Silver. p.102
s.22. The Lesser Metals. p.102
s.23. Precious Stones. p.103
s.24. Common and Bad Stones. p.103
s.25. Minerals. p.103
s.26. Plants. p.104
s.27. The Animal Kingdom. p.107
s.28. Man. p.109
s.29. Man's Diseases. First, the Diseases of the Body. p.114
s.30. Mental Illnesses. p.121
s.31. The Illnesses of the Soul. p.122
s.32. The Concordance of All Things. p.123
Annex taken from the Third and Fifth Degrees.
Amended Special Instruction regarding the Operations of the:
Great Mineral Work of the 3rd Degree or The Practicus. p.126
The Manipulation of the Second Work and the Better Preparation of [Martial Regulus of Antimony]. p.131
The Third Work, and the better Preparation of the Aviculae. p.133
The Fourth Work, and the improved animation of [Mercury] with [Martial Regulus of Antimony] and [Luna]. p.134
The Fifth Work and the Better Preparation of the [Amalgamate]. p.135
The Sixth Work, and the Improved Imbibition of the Stone. p.138
The Seventh Work, and the Improved Projection. p.142
Instructiones - Experimentales.
Neccessary preparatory processes for the Philosophical Work, how the radical and universal menstrua and resolventia must be prepared from the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. p.144
Processus Imus. The preparation of the mineral radical menstruum. p.144
Processus IIdus. The preparation of the vegetable radical menstruum. p.145
Processus IIItius. The preparation of the animal radical menstruum. p.146
Processus IVtus. The preparation of the universal menstruum. p.146
Note. p.147
Instructio Mysterii Magni Descriptio. p.149
The Preparation of the Mineral Stone in the Dry Way.
Labor Imus. The preparation of [Mercury] - vivus Mercurius. p.149
Labor IIdus. The preparation of the [Regulus],[Antimony],[Mars]tis. p.150
Labor IIItius. The preparation of the aviculae. p.150
Labor IVtus. The animation of [Mercury] with the aviculae. p.151
Labor. Vtus. Amalgamation and Fixing. p.152
Labor VItus. Imbibition and Multiplication. p.153
Labor VIItus. Projection. p.153
The Fifth R.C. Degree. Translated from the original French text. p.155
The Dissolution of Gold. p.155
1st Observation. p.156
2nd Observation. p.157
3rd Observation. p.158
The Process. p.159

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