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"Some Processes" of Johan Gottfried Tugel's Experimental Chymistry etc. "Some Processes" of Johan Gottfried Tugel's Experimental Chymistry etc.
Leipzig 1766.
Translated from the German by: Sigismond Bacstrom, M.D. 1798.
R.A.M.S. 1977.
62 pages.
(TUGEL: _original.PDF)

Table of Contents:
Contents p.3
P.24 speaking of [Saltpetre] and [Sulphur] p.6
Of [Saltpetre] in particular p.8
Mr. Tugel's Experiments Zillau and Gorlitz 1768. To obtain a Blood-red [Spirit] of [Saltpetre]; An Arcanum p.12
Of Secrets of the Microcosim. p.17
Of the Superfluities of the Microsim. Of [Caput Mortum] and [Urine]. p.22
Distillation p.23
Composition and Coagulation p.23
Concerning Borax p.25
To effect a Metallic or Mineral growth or increase, by means of the Universal principles of Nature. p.25
Experiment 1. p.27
Its use. p.27
Experiment 2. p.28
To give a Coral-Red [Tincture] to [Sol], which red [Sol] tinges a [Luna] fixa into [Sol]. p.29
Experiment 4. Concerning [Saltpetre] and Fertility. p.31
Experiment 5. Concerning the Liquor Silicis. That process clearly explained. p.32
Experiment 6. To prepare arsenic so as to become a dry menstruum to unlock metals and minerals in the [Fire], by the via Sicca. p.34
Experiment 7. Of a burning pyrophorus or fiery substance. p.36
Experiment 8. Concerning Vinegar. p.38
Experiment 9. Addition concerning the Liquor Silicis. p.38
Experiment 10. Consideration of Native Bismuth-Ore. Called peacocks-Tail-Bismuth. p.39
Arcanum. p.40
Use of the White Glass. p.42
Projection. p.42
Observations of the Author. p.42
My Thoughts on this process. p.42
Experiment 11. A fixt [Oil] or [Vitriol]. p.43
Experiment 12. A Particular experiment with [Martial Regulus of Antimony] Stell. and the first Scoriae. p.44
Experiment 13. p.45
Experiment 14. p.47
Experiment 15. Which is equally interesting. p.48
Its Use. p.49
Its Further Use. p.50
Experiment 16. A Particular Process with [Antimony], [Mars] and [Venus]. p.50
Experiment 17. p.51
A Tinging Medicine made from the Lapis de Tribus. p.52
The Lapis de Tribus is made thus. p.53
Mr. Tugels Observations. p.53
A Gradating Oil. p.54
To fix [Luna], or to make Luna Fixa, which is soft and looses its Sound, and cannot be dissolved in [Aqua Fortis]. p.56
To produce a prima-material Vapour by disstillation out of Lapis Calaminaris, wherein are concealed the 3 metallic principles [Sulphur], [Mercury] and [Salt] p.58
Concerning the Via Sicca. To dissolve [Sol] and [Luna] and reduce them into metallic ashes by Native Cinnabar. p.59
Note: [ ] indicate Symbol used in original text.

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