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"18 Short Tracts of Alchemy".
"The Wells of Power". Class 1. Hans Nintzel. Assorted class notes.
160 pages.
Private Documents.

This collection of files is the hand-outs that Hans Nintzel presented in his private Esoteric and Alchemy classes during 1980-90. They are a diverse collection of topics: Alchemy, Magick, Qabala, Meditation and Astronomy. The content is compact as it was intended to be expanded in class.

Table of Contents:

The Aghori Mantra (For Higher Alchemical Work). 1p.


Angelic Talismatic Images. 5p.
The Method of Vibrating Divine Names.
The Talismanic Image of the Divine Name.
The Particular Mode of Vibration.

The Pure Sweet Oil of Antimony. This recipe comes from Frater Albertus.
Sulphur of Antimony, Robert Bartlett. 1p.

Assumption of a God Form. (The Egyptian God SHU). 2p

Elements of Astrology.
1. The Four Elements.
2. The Zodiac.
3. The Planets.
4. Three veils of the Absolute.

The Mantra to Balance the Planets. 1p.

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, (The Earth Banishing Ritual). 4p.

The Human Bio-energetic System.
Subtle Energies of the Seven Crystal Systems.
Neuro-physiological & Endocrine associations of the Chakras.
The Seven Chakras & Autonomic Nerve Plexuses.
Energetic Dynamics of the Chakras.

Construction of the Tree of Life.
Colours of the Paths of the Tree of Life. 7p.

Drawing the Tree of Life. 9p.

Energy Flow. 1p.

Enochian Alphabet. 1p.

Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge.
Passive Symbolism.
Survey of the Elementary Forms.
Action of the Symbols.
Symbol of the Elements.
Symbols of the Ten Levels of Energy of Man’s Nature and Consciousness.
Symbols of the three Alchemical Principles.
Symbols of the Planets and their Metals.
Meditation on the Polygons.
Meditation on the Planetary Symbols.
The Construction of the Ten Polygons.
Active Symbolism: The Word.
Symbol of the Energies.
The Resonance Phenomenon.
Search for the accurate frequency of vocalization.
Practical Application of the word: The esoteric name.
Search for the Name.
The 40 invocations.
Absolute rules for the use of these Names.
The zero and the infinite.
The lost word or the forgotten word.
Man and the Universe.

Geomantic attributions. 3p.

Herbal correspondences to the Planets. 7p.

Invocation of Archangel Auriel. 2p.

Kabbalistic Astrology. 2p.

The Kameas of the Planets. 2p.

The Middle Pillar Exercise. 4p.

Nicolas Flammell’s Summary of Philosophy. 4p.

Notes on the Sephiroth. 13p.

Number Squares. 6p.

Opening a channel to Malkuth. 1p.

Why should we perform magic? 2p.

The Planets and the Crystal Systems. 1p.

Chart of the Planetary Hours. 1p.

Relations Among the Planets. 1p.

Assignment of Gemstones to Planets (Indian Astrology). 1p.

The Cabalistic Cross. 2p.

Rose Cross Aspiration (A Magical Ritual). 3p.

Notes on the Sephirotic Attributes. 19p.

Sephirotic Correspondences. 6p.

The Seven Basics. 3p.

Some notes on studying the Qabalah. 2p.

Tableau of the Tarot. Devised by Henry J. Turner, Windover, 1927. 1p.

A Talisman for Health. 10p.

Talisman Chart. 1p.

Talismans. 5p.

The Tara Mantra. 1p.

Tarot: Key to the Kabbalah. 8p.

The Tarot on the Tree of Life. 2p.

The five Tatwas, with their twenty-five sub-divisions. 1p.

The Planets. 2p.

The Tree of Life Worksheet. 1p.

Alchemy without equipment. Extraction of the Vegetable Ens, by Jean DuBuis. 7p.

An aid to the development of visualisation faculties. 1p.

The Hebrew Alphabet. 10p.

Knowledge Lectures.
The titles of the Tarot Symbols.
The Fylfot cross.
The divine names attributed to the Sephiroth.
Planetary names.

The four worlds of the Qabalah.
A master key. 9p.

The whirling motion in the Universe. 1p.

Articles by Hans Nintzel

Meditation and Alchemy, by Hans Nintzel, 1978. 19p.

A French Alchemical Romance and Adventure, by Hans Nintzel, 1986. 16p.

Alchemy is Alive and Well, 1988. 12p.

Ceremonial Magick by Hans Nintzel.
Includes Cabalistic Cross Ritual and Banishing ritual of the Pentagram. 18p.

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